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Just came back from visiting Dr. Chiffer and need to share how pleased I am with the outcome. I had a chipped front tooth overlapping the other that I had lived with for years. Dr Chiffer did an excellent job carefully matching exact coloring, adjusting the bite, filing the tooth down, checking to ensure that I can floss after the job was done. Tremendous job !!!!


We have been going to Dr. Chiffer ever since my husband, Stephen, knocked out his front teeth in the early 1980's. My husband had a horrible dentist in the past & was terrified of them. Dr. Chiffer treated Stephen with utmost respect of his fears & gained Stephen's trust. I became a patient of Dr. Chiffer because of the his & his staff's treatment of Stephen. They are knowledgeable & caring people. We both highly recommend Nayaug Family Dental.


Dr. Chiffer was terrific! I was very nervous about getting "into the chair" again but he renewed my faith in the dental pain or discomfort & Dr. Chiffer is also a very pleasant person. Thank you!


" Can I come here forever & ever?!"

Ella S. - Age 11 after first visit to our office

That was the BEST, by far, cleaning I have ever had. I want to be sure to see this hygienist [Eralda] again next time.

Janet H. age 89

I was on the phone again with MaryLou because of issues with my insurance
providers. Mary Lou had the situation totally under control and was able to
refer back to notes from previous discussions with them. She was totally on top
of the situation!!!! What a I'm not going to try to speak with my
insurance carriers, I'll just talk with Mary Lou and do what she advises!!!
Thanks MaryLou!!

Denise A.

First, let me say, that was the most comprehensive and one of the best dental visits I have ever had. Every one was so great and you got me in so fast.
As you said, I have done my time in the dental chair.
Thank you, again for all your good work.

God Bless,


" accomplished miracles and you are most appreciated."


"I am always so thankful I was referred to you for all you did for me and also the standard of your work-which I live with every day. Thank you so much for your expertise."

Viv S.

" thank you for what you did for my daughter,...we appreciate that a whole lot."


Great office...very responsive and concerned for patients well being..


I just wanted to let you all know that I love the new website, it is
very cheery and most of all informative. I have never much enjoyed going to the
dentist but I have to say the entire team has made every experience as
comfortable as possible and I have the utmost confidence in the quality of work
of all the staff there. Dr. Chiffer's kind words help to ease the anxiety along
with any discomfort, his skill is superb. I could list something great about all
of you individually but your web site sums it up, you are all great!!! Thanks

Angela B.

I told you I would go home and visit the website! I love it, it is a great
website with lots of information and I love how you have everyone pictured on
As I joked when I was there, I always fear coming in, but I do love seeing all
of you each time. Everyone there really makes it more enjoyable and
comfortable, and so that fear that I come in with is always gone soon after I
arrive. :-)

Marc K.

Thank you again Dr. Chiffer and Aida! You both made my procedure very
comforting and your kindness and care relaxed me and everything went well. Even
though I was all nervous coming in once again, I felt so much better soon after
and left very happy!


Comment: Another great appointment today with Judy, she is my favorite! She
does such a great job and always makes me feel so comfortable and I enjoy seeing
her each time. Thank you Judy!

m. kagan

It was certainly our pleasure to meet yesterday. It was nice to see the office and after reviewing your website you really get a feel for your dental practice. In a world where insurances and shopping for the lowest fees often supersede the personal care and family-like personality of old dental practices, it was nice to get a look at your practice. Your patients are very fortunate.

BAW, Oral Surgeon

I just wanted to thank you for the quick service adjusting my lower partial this past Wednesday. It fits perfectly again. Beyond that, I would like to thank you AND your COMPLETE team for the wonderful service you have provided over the last several years. Thanks again and have a great weekend.


Dear Dr. Chiffer & Aida, I'd like to thank you for the care & concern you showed throughout my recent dental treatment. As you know, it was a difficult procedure for all of us! Your thoughtfulness meant a lot to me.

Rick O.

Dr. Chiffer saw me as an emergency patient because my regular dentis was out of town. He called me later to see how I was and 20 years later I am still his patient!

Dorothy Eccles

Dr. Chiffer is a fine person, a true gentleman, the BEST DENTIST! and a fantastic artist. I am so very fortunate to be his patient!

Pat Claussen

Brian is more than my dentist, he is a trusted friend to me. His professional advice and talent is second to none.


We left Glastonbury for northern Michigan 21 years ago but still return each spring for a couple of reasons, including a mandatory visit to Dr. Chiffer and his skilled staff. Nothing comes close to the level of expertise they provide.

Art & Joan Lovetere

No matter how you feel about visiting your dentist's office it is always a pleasure to be greeted by Dr. Chiffer's smiling and supportive staff.

R.H. Inman

My family has been patients of Dr. Chiffers for about 10 years. We all enjoy our visits. It's a great office. Dr. Chiffer is gentle and patient as well as his hygienists! Highly recommend!

Amy Rua, S. Glastonbury

Everything so far has been awesome. The experiences here made me feel comfortable & it is a friendly atmosphere. We have become "buddies" since I started here last October.