How We Are Different

 For many people, going to the dentist is not their favorite thing to do. Here are some common reasons that people avoid the dentist, and an explanation of how your experience at our office will put you at ease.

"I'm afraid to go to the dentist"

 We pride ourselves on being good listeners. Our goal is to make you totally comfortable, offer you options for treatment, and proceed with necessary treatment only when you are ready. Oral local anesthetics are available as well as the option of using general anti-anxiety medication, if needed, to enhance your experience.

"It hurts"

 We use topical anesthetic rinse for your cleanings, local anesthetic for any deep cleaning you require, oral sedation and other techniques to make your visit to our office as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We will review all options with you before treatment begins to make sure you have a good experience here. You may actually be surprised by how comfortable modern dentistry can be.

"It's expensive"

 We will work with you to help you select a treatment plan that fits your budget. Sometimes treatment can be phased over a period of time. We also offer financing plans that allow you to stretch out payments over many months.  We invite you to ask questions, and we will review all financial options with you in detail before any treatment begins.

"I feel embarrassed or guilty about my teeth"

 We see ourselves as educators. We want to explain needed treatment to you so that you feel positive and motivated to pursue excellent oral health. We will not dwell on the past, but instead look to the opportunities you have in the future to enjoy the benefits of optimal oral health.

"It takes too much time"

  We promise to respect your time. New patients can print out and complete the health questionnaire and turn it in when they arrive in our office.We want to give you the best possible care in the least amount of time because we recognize that you have a busy schedule. The appointments you are given in our office are reserved exclusively for you. We in turn ask that you provide us with 48 hours notice if you need to change your appointment so that we may accommodate other patients waiting to be appointed.

 "It's boring"

  Our office has a number of amenities to help to keep you comfortable. These include a massaging chair, soft music, pillows and blankets. If you prefer, you may  bring your own headphones. or small electronics. For long treatment appointments, breaks will be provided for as necessary. Our excellent and dedicated staff will strive to assure your treatment is completed in a timely fashion and that you are comfortable.

We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to working with you.

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